How we do it

Diagnose: Where we are now

  • The ‘AS IS’ position
  • To establish the reality of the current situation
  • To reach common understanding
  • To prepare to challenge in line with our values

Design: Where we want to go

  • Identity / Key processes / Structure Design plan and targets
  • Derive sustainable outcomes

Invest: What do we need?

  • To consider risk / reward arrangements
  • To provide advice and finance (where required) to start-up or young businesses
  • To provide cost/benefit value

Implement: How we get there

  • Supporting the customer to implement and adjust the plan
  • Building the business in terms of winning work, integrating acquisitions and developing joint ventures

Sustain: How we will continue to improve

  • Challenging and embedding the change
  • Supporting the delivery of our customers services and products, such as mobilising a major project