To win, behave like winners

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"This was far, far beyond coaching – the team at Advance challenged us to build the capability, culture, behaviours and structures we’d need to succeed."

Richard Inglis
CJV Lead and Project Director, On-Corr

ONxpress formed to bid for Toronto’s $CAD multi-billion rail-infrastructure-to-operation project.

With hundreds of thousands of hours already invested over two years, there was still one hurdle in the bidding process – a behavioural assessment worth 12% of the final score.


When the ONxpress team learned of our track history in behavioural assessment, they brought us in to deliver an intense set of workshops. We worked directly with the project teams and the four CEOs of ONxpress’s constituent companies – each a global success story in its own right.

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From building rapport to coaching through delivery, we focused on grounded, real-life scenarios and how to navigate them – built on our experience of evaluating bids and supporting other senior teams. We added stress in all the right places, monitored where people took behavioural risks, and analysed how the group dealt with the realistic conflicts we introduced.

This is not training. It’s about building capability, establishing the climate for collaboration, creating structures, and modelling effective behaviour. With the bid now secured, the work we’ve done will help create the foundations for a successful delivery.

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