From leadership framework to blueprint for growth


"There’s a real connection between the challenge we’ve got and Advance wanting to help us. It’s their challenge – even though it’s our challenge."

Chris Young
Executive Managing Director

Can true leadership development happen in just eight days? And can it make a difference to the business?

Tony Gee & Partners is a design engineering consultancy led by a team of extremely skilled engineers. Although many aspects of the culture were strong, there was a desire to align leadership more consistently across the organisation. This requirement supported the business’s desire to tackle the big questions for the industry head-on, with innovation and purpose.

Tony 1 Tony 2

Working with a cohort of 12 directors over four two-day sessions, we covered everything from learning styles to people management, to professional collaboration, to communication and engagement skills. This allowed us to build a directors’ development programme focused 100% on leadership and delivering lasting change.

Tony 3

We also helped the team to open their thinking, collaborate, assign responsibilities, and take action – strengthening and developing what was already a collaborative and agile culture.

The result: a senior team built on a bedrock of accountability, true collaboration across offices, and a second cohort of leaders eager to continue its development journey.

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