Volker Fitzpatrick

When company-wide collaboration is personal


"Advance listen, they adapt. And they’re very agile on their feet."

David Mutter
Project Delivery Manager

Volker Fitzpatrick is one of the UK’s leading engineering and construction companies.

To keep growing as the commercial landscape shifts, the rail business needed to set a clear strategy, foster collaboration and build a strong culture. But how to give team members the autonomy they need, and bring the team together as one?

Volker 1

It starts with better communication. The kind that builds trust and fuels ambitious plans. But it’s not the whole answer.

Using our Activate© diagnostic process, we ran behavioural profiles, helping team members understand their communication and leadership styles. Then, with our support, the team set about writing their own, highly tailored leadership manuals.

Volker 2 Volker 3

Four workshops later, the team had created a detailed action plan and vision, which then gets tracked in our ‘support and challenge’ follow-up.

The result: individual goals mapped closely to the new corporate strategy, with a focus on diversifying the client base and building highly collaborative teams. And above all, work that gets done – in a programme delivered in just four months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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