Mega Transport Infrastructure

The right behaviour, from the right incentives. Don’t just control delivery. Enable it.


When leading one of the world’s largest infrastructure projects, you need a solid way of apportioning risk and developing the right behaviours. One that doesn’t involve shifting everything to the supply chain.

Our client came to us with this very challenge. We knew their infrastructure project needed an integrated approach that would align the contractual with the commercial, reward collaboration, and manage the risks held by the client organisation.

Hs2 1 Hs2 2

We were asked to make sure the right incentives were rewarding the right behaviours – promoting safe, on-programme and on-budget delivery. Our role also included establishing an integrated structure to deliver the scope, based on agreed core principles each Project Team then tailored to their individual environments – all backed by a comprehensive joint review.

There was more. The step change meant our client looking beyond the traditional project lead role of assuring all the work – instead, they would become an enabler, assuring critical assets at the same time.

Hs2 3

With our support to build a psychologically safe space – and the co-creation of the core principles – suppliers could candidly share their updates, ‘steal with pride’ from other contractors, and ‘disclose with pain’ when things weren’t going to plan.

The results speak for themselves: whilst the project continues, the teams are working effectively together, and risk and opportunity is managed coherently on this massive project.

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