HS2 Enabling Works Joint Venture

Working to schedule by working on behaviour


"It made such a big difference – we love the legacy of what you delivered."

Beth Willoughby
Project Director

When people don’t have a safe forum to speak up, it’s hard to make progress. The answer? Understand behaviours – and support the team to support itself.

HS2 Enabling Works Joint Venture asked us to support their team on one of the largest HS2-enabling projects – one that was at risk of delay.

Costain 1 Costain 2

But the prospect of delays wasn’t the main concern. Time pressure can lead to poor decision making, with mistakes that lead to an entire shut down, which comes with substantial bill for every day the site lies idle.

Our approach wasn’t about processes or technology: we focused on behaviours and trust. That meant getting in front of the team, giving them a clear sense of common purpose – and how to deliver.

Costain 3

We provided a lot of challenge, and a lot of support – this isn’t a cosy set of workshops. But above all it’s deeply personal, giving everyone a safe place to contribute, a sense of empowerment, and a clear part to play in the project’s success.

Then there’s the legacy: 250,000 working hours without incident and a project successfully delivered.

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