The importance of heritage

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You may wonder why I’m writing about heritage just as we re-launch the Advance brand with a totally new look and feel.

It’s because heritage gives insight into where we go as much as where we come from. I’ve been part of Advance for not quite 5 years, but I joined an organisation that, in 2023, celebrates a continuous 30-year history operating in the space we occupy, and that’s something I take a lot of pride in.

Nigh on 30 years ago, Norman Kerfoot saw value in getting organisations working and talking together effectively, bound by the right kind of leadership. It was with a wry smile that I had played back to me a while ago how seminal the “BP Andrew” programme was in developing the concepts of alliancing and collaborative working back in the 90s, knowing our founder Norman Kerfoot, set out that stall for BP!

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As a business that transcends the individuals who happen to be at the wheel at any one time, Advance brings the thrills & scars, highs and lows of that near 30-year journey, successfully surviving recessions and pandemics to reshape and continue to adapt and develop our business because we believe what we do is important.

I fully expect (hope!) that the value that Advance brings and the values we support will continue long after the current team have moved on. Where we have come from is important, and shapes who we are today and where we want to go, not because we are constrained by the past, but because we see the evolution that’s possible.

If what I’ve said resonates, get in touch, we are building the team and would love to chat about what you might offer. If you think we can help you, check out our capabilities on our new website and get in touch!

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