Been there, done it… lost the T-shirt?

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In my recent video post launching our new Advance website, I mentioned that our team have “been there and done it”. Why is this important to us and to our clients?

I believe having credibility is critical to success in what we do. But a very specific kind of credibility is what I am thinking of. We have a vast range of skills, experiences, backgrounds and sectors in the team. We can offer those skills and experiences, of course, if the situation merits. But what is more important is that we are bound by a willingness to be open and challenging of ourselves first.

When I stand up in front of a forming project team and talk about building a learning organisation I do so not from a soapbox of expertise and perfection, but from a range of positive and negative experiences (medals and scars!) that have shaped my understanding and which I am willing to share.

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We talk about ruthless compassion as a key element of the “Advance Way”, and there is no doubt that when you engage us, we will do our level best to “tell it like it is” even if that means telling you we aren’t the best people to help (although we have an extensive network of partners so there’s every chance, we know someone who can! 😊).

But compassion comes from recognising where you are at, good, bad or indifferent, because we’ve been in those exact same situations. Before joining Advance, I worked in large complex public sector and corporate organisations leading large teams and complex portfolios, I didn’t always do it right, or even well, but I truly believe in the values and behaviours that are key to success.

This is what we offer our clients, sponsors and the teams and individuals we work with. We had the t shirt, maybe it’s a bit faded through use, but those are the t-shirts we cherish the most.

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